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Meet the Coaches


Coach Kyle Beran

        Kyle grew up in South Texas and earned varsity letters in basketball (3), track (2), and football (1). He held the school record in the mile and 2-mile events for approximately 20 years. After high school, Kyle focused on academic pursuits (earning a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Kansas) while actively participating in recreational and competitive community softball and basketball teams where he thrived in the team environment and the camaraderie.


       After he became the "old guy" on the basketball court, Kyle picked up running again in his late 30's to pass the time during his daughter's soccer practices. This little twice-a-week activity eventually led to his first 5k in 2004 and to subsequent half-marathons and is presently a 6-time Boston Qualifier (4-time Boston Finisher) with a PR of 3:19:48 and a PB in Boston of 3:22:26.

        Kyle's passion for teaching young adults in the academic setting is now being applied to helping athletes of all ages and abilities achieve their personal fitness/running goals. Being an active and competitive runner in his 50's, Kyle is uniquely positioned to assist athelets manage the stresses of running into their 40's, 50's, 60's, and beyond... making the act of running a lifelong pursuit, literally.

         Kyle lives with his wife (Kathy) of 30 years in West Texas and has two adult children.


Coach Aliza Bowcutt

      Aliza has always had a love for running.  Growing up just outside of Park City, Utah gave her many opportunities to be active in outdoor sports. Track was her highlight and she was a Region and State champion.  She raced relays and thrived in the 400 meter.


      College brought new opportunities where she studied music and found a love for teaching children. Being a 2nd grade school teacher, as well as a musical instructor, she has learned patience, understanding, and a sense of how to reach students of all ages.  As a mother of 4, she is now "coaching" her own children to succeed not only in life, but on the track as well.  

     Aliza has ran many races. From 5k and 10k's to half and full marathons, including a 3-time Boston Qualifier and finisher.  She loves to share that she completed the "infamous" 2018 swim down Boylston.  Aliza loves the comraderie of running and helping others succeed.  The highlight of her day is meeting with clients (who become lifelong friends) to help them achieve their goals.  She has coached many "friends" who have met their goal of reaching the Boston Marathon.  

      Aliza loves coaching but also believes in living a healthy lifestyle.  For her, running is not just about fitness, it is about the whole body experience; the mental, physical and emotional.  Aliza loves to share her passion for taking care of our bodies, and has no problem sharing her latest recipe.  Seeing the benefits of healthy eating and fueling our bodies for success is what brings her joy.  


Coach Nicole Lindsey

       Nicole is a late bloomer to the sport of running. She did not begin running until 2010. Once she started, she found an obsession with and passion for the sport. Since 2010, she has completed countless half-marathons and full marathons. She is a three-time Boston qualifier, and she knows what it takes to achieve running goals. Nicole is a certified RRCA AND USATF running coach and is a constant student of the sport. She strives to better herself each race, taking in moments for growth.  Nicole is a 5x Boston Marathon Qualifier and earned the "Unicorn Medal" in 2020 and 2022.

        Nicole loves the camaraderie of running and meeting new people that share the same passion for the sport. As a mom, grandmother, wife, and teacher, Nicole understands the importance in balancing a busy lifestyle with training. Running has given her sense of accomplishment and a release from day-to-day stresses.

        She has coached runners of all levels, ranging from the runner who wants to complete their first 5k to the runner who wants to set a personal record in the marathon. She believes in the process of training and reaping the benefits of accountability from a coach. She enjoys helping others realize their full potential in the sport of running. Nicole looks forward to working with you!


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